Dividend Stocks Bootcamp - How to Create Passive Income

Dividend Stocks Bootcamp - How to Create Passive Income


The Dividend Stock Investing Online Course is comprised of beginner investing classes and guides that can help you create the passive income you need. From beginning to end, we break down the importance of dividend stocks and how to build a dividend strategy that can help replace your current income. 

With this online course, you will gain access to EVERYTHING you need in order to create passive Income from START to FINISH. Regardless of how much money you make or have, you will get a basic understanding of different types of Dividend Stocks (and REITs) to buy, how to research the best companies to meet your passive income goals, and how to get strong reputable businesses to pay your bills each month!


What’s Included: 

  • The "How to Make Passive Income From Dividend Stocks" Online 90-minute Class
  • "Ashley Top 5 Dividend Stocks" Class - a breakdown of her strategy and investment ideas
  • The "Top 50 High Dividend Stocks to Consider Guide
  • The cheat sheet on "How to Find Stocks That Pay a Dividend"
  • The ultimate passive income bible "The Dividend Research Checklist"


With the Dividend Stock Investing Boot Camp, you will…

  • Learn the different types of Dividend Stocks that you can invest in immediately
  • Find what Dividend stocks are the best performing
  • Find the highest dividend paying stocks that can increase your passive income
  • Learn and how to invest in Dividend stocks 
  • Understand the items to focus on when determining what Dividend stocks to invest in
  • Understand how much is needed to start investing in Dividend stocks
  • ...and more!